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Up coming trip...
Dive! Dive! Dive!
grovesphoto wrote in divers
Hello all. My name is Jim and I cannot believe I haven't joined this community already. I have my advanced cert along with my nitrox card, and do a lot of beach diving here in Southern California. Logged dives are at number 82, but I never logged 20 from Bonaire, and many others here in the area, so I am probably closer to 150. I hope to make many friends here.

I am going up north, just outside of Eureka, CA, for a week with my father and brother in the Redwood National Forrest September 5-11. I see there are two dive shops in Eureka, and was wondering if there are any beach divers up in that area? I have both a drysuit and 7mm semi-dry. The semi-dry keeps me pretty warm in low to mid sixty degree water, but I could pack the drysuit. I'd also like to find a local beach diver who dives San Pedro and the beaches north/west of there.

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Where in SoCal are you? If you're in San Diego I run a small email list of divers who get together for dives and such. let me know if you'd be interested.



I am in the Valley, so I usually meet up in Laguna with Southcoast Divers or some other friends in that area. Thanks, though!

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