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Underwater Scuba Cameras
scubaguy wrote in divers
So, is anyone else out there into underwater photography?  I just got back from a trip to Indonesia, and had the time of my life taking underwater photos.  I'd recommend anyone thinking of heading to the tropics seriously consider Bunaken, a protected underwater park in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  It's a very safe place to travel, and the locals are friendly.

I was really happy with the camera setup I used, which was the Sealife DC600 with the Sealife Digital Pro Flash. Here are some shots I took:

Purple Nudibranchs

We found Nemo.

Parrot Fish on night dive

Check out this site to see the camera I used (they have great prices, support, and a 120-day money-back guarantee) underwater scuba diving cameras.

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I've been to Lembeh Strait once, but didn't get a chance to do any diving. I hear the muck diving is great, though!

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