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Underwater Scuba Cameras
scubaguy wrote in divers
So, is anyone else out there into underwater photography?  I just got back from a trip to Indonesia, and had the time of my life taking underwater photos.  I'd recommend anyone thinking of heading to the tropics seriously consider Bunaken, a protected underwater park in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  It's a very safe place to travel, and the locals are friendly.

I was really happy with the camera setup I used, which was the Sealife DC600 with the Sealife Digital Pro Flash. Here are some shots I took:

Purple Nudibranchs

We found Nemo.

Parrot Fish on night dive

Check out this site to see the camera I used (they have great prices, support, and a 120-day money-back guarantee) Scuba.com underwater scuba diving cameras.

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These are fabulous! Thanks for the link, too. I've been pining for an underwater camera, but just haven't convinced myself to plunk down the $$$.

Unfortunately, the DC 600 has been discontinued by SeaLife. Some places may still have some available, but once they're gone...

The DC-800 from Sealife is scheduled to start shipping in May, but we'll see if that date sticks.

And Indonesia ROCKS! Our store has a big trip scheduled in Feb. 09. The first one filled so quickly, we had a schedule a second. So now we're running 2 trips back to back. The trip leaders get to stay for about a month.

I wish I was one of them.

It's looking like my annual trip to Bonaire won't happen next year. Any chance info on this Indonesia trip is on the web somewhere?

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

I have a Sea&Sea 750G with a wide-angle lens and a YS-15 Auto strobe...but I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. I've only gotten to dive twice so far this season, and there's not much to look at in the local lake we dive, plus it was pretty mucked up by the time we got down (dive classes tend to kick up the bottom quite a bit). I'm hoping to use it soon, but it'll be awhile before I can get great pics like those...I'm one of those poor dive-fiends who has to save for years for a trip to someplace like Indonesia! I was hoping to get to go to Honduras or Cozumel this summer, but it looks like it'll be another year or two before I can afford a good dive trip...and I can't wait.

Thanks again for sharing, those are absolutely wonderful pictures.

If anyone's down Bunaken way and have time to spare, pay a visit to the Togeans (group of islands in Tomini Bay, towards the middle of Sulawesi from Manado). Awesome diving as well and a real trip out into the wild :) Much less touristy than Bunaken as it's not as well known.

The strobe is what counts

My experience has been that the strobe/flash is what makes the biggest difference in getting good shots. That's more important than the camera. Keep that in mind when shopping for camera gear.

And thanks for the compliments on the photos! :)

Isn't Sulawesi the most amazing place, ever? If you get a chance to backpack around Indonesia (not great with scuba gear though!) do it!!!

Bunaken is lovely, but Lembeh Strait even lovelier. Did you get to go there? It's an hour east of Manado.

Your pics are great too by the way.

I've been to Lembeh Strait once, but didn't get a chance to do any diving. I hear the muck diving is great, though!

Beautiful pictures and models. I'm jealous.

Welcome to club :)

If you are interested with underwater photography seems it will be useful for you to watch uw_photo community. Most of photos are commented also in English.

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