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Hong Kong or nearby diving
I will be traveling to Hong Kong late September and wanted to take advantage of diving in Asia. I heard that the diving in HK isn't that great and that it could get pretty cold around that time. I have heard fantstic things about Indonesia and have thought that doing a quick trip over there is definately doable. Any other suggestions, dive ops would be greatly appreciated.

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Scuba Travis

Stupid stupid people.  I am soooo pissed.  Happy Birthday Tami!!!

If anyone knows of anyone trying to sell scuba equipment, please let me know!!!


Diving, Safari Maris, travel
Some information about diving in the Black Sea and tours allover Ukraine.

Diving and Lodging in Roatan
Flying Cow
I'll be staying in Roatan for three nights, Sept 11-13.  Can anybody recommend a budget lodging arrangement where I would have a secure room and hot showers?

If anyone else is going the same time, it would be great to meet up!

Up coming trip...
Dive! Dive! Dive!
Hello all. My name is Jim and I cannot believe I haven't joined this community already. I have my advanced cert along with my nitrox card, and do a lot of beach diving here in Southern California. Logged dives are at number 82, but I never logged 20 from Bonaire, and many others here in the area, so I am probably closer to 150. I hope to make many friends here.

I am going up north, just outside of Eureka, CA, for a week with my father and brother in the Redwood National Forrest September 5-11. I see there are two dive shops in Eureka, and was wondering if there are any beach divers up in that area? I have both a drysuit and 7mm semi-dry. The semi-dry keeps me pretty warm in low to mid sixty degree water, but I could pack the drysuit. I'd also like to find a local beach diver who dives San Pedro and the beaches north/west of there.

Puerto Galera, Philippines - Take 1
10 days of diving in the tropics, and I've come home with a lot of pictures!

10 more this way

Diving Museum
Jen in Cozumel
This was a nice place to visit in the FL Keys.


Hi All
I know everyone hates new guy posts, but I have to do something. I am new to the community but not diving. Although I am only 22, I have been diving for 8 yrs. I logged over 200 dives by now. Currently I am diving Cozumel, Mexico on vacation and my scrapbook is filled with my beginning shots as an underwater photographer. I love underwater photography almost as much as I love diving. I would like to find some friends that love the same. Comments will be appreciated but friends are requested. 

Diving in Vietnam
fontalicious octopii!!
I just found out that i will be going to Vietnam for a week in June (Happy Birthday to me!) and am now in an excited rush to find any info or recomendations i can...

If you have any dive info, stories, advice, recomendations, etc, I would love to hear about it!

Also I remember hearing about whale shark dives being done here and obviously would love to do that, but i guess that all depends on when they're their and the cost.

Anyway I'm off to do some googling...

Underwater Scuba Cameras
So, is anyone else out there into underwater photography?  I just got back from a trip to Indonesia, and had the time of my life taking underwater photos.  I'd recommend anyone thinking of heading to the tropics seriously consider Bunaken, a protected underwater park in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  It's a very safe place to travel, and the locals are friendly.

I was really happy with the camera setup I used, which was the Sealife DC600 with the Sealife Digital Pro Flash. Here are some shots I took:

Purple Nudibranchs

We found Nemo.

Parrot Fish on night dive

Check out this site to see the camera I used (they have great prices, support, and a 120-day money-back guarantee) Scuba.com underwater scuba diving cameras.