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Underwater Scuba Cameras
scubaguy wrote in divers
So, is anyone else out there into underwater photography?  I just got back from a trip to Indonesia, and had the time of my life taking underwater photos.  I'd recommend anyone thinking of heading to the tropics seriously consider Bunaken, a protected underwater park in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  It's a very safe place to travel, and the locals are friendly.

I was really happy with the camera setup I used, which was the Sealife DC600 with the Sealife Digital Pro Flash. Here are some shots I took:

Purple Nudibranchs

We found Nemo.

Parrot Fish on night dive

Check out this site to see the camera I used (they have great prices, support, and a 120-day money-back guarantee) underwater scuba diving cameras.

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Isn't Sulawesi the most amazing place, ever? If you get a chance to backpack around Indonesia (not great with scuba gear though!) do it!!!

Bunaken is lovely, but Lembeh Strait even lovelier. Did you get to go there? It's an hour east of Manado.

Your pics are great too by the way.

I've been to Lembeh Strait once, but didn't get a chance to do any diving. I hear the muck diving is great, though!

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